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Elaine Barkin's books and CDs


  1. Email me ASAP at with your selections.  Include title of the item, type of item, (book or CD), and slide # (to help me locate it on the shelves). 

  2. Elaine and I reserve the right to say no, we may want to keep some of these and/or give them to someone in particular.

  3. You may see some repeats due to the framing of each shot.  Some titles may be hard to read. 

  4. Anything with no title (e.g., manuscripts in folders or with stapled spines) will be saved for people to look at when we can have visitors.  The rest (books / CDs with readable titles on the spines) will be boxed up for library donation if not claimed by one of her friends or family.  

FOR BEST VIEWING:  Use a desktop or laptop monitor.  Hover over each picture to see the slide#.   CDs: Slides 1-16   Books:  Slides 17-70

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