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Art and literature by my mother, Elaine "Ray" Radoff Barkin


Berlin: A Memoir (download)
Hubcap Art Gallery
A Symposium in Memoriam (Video of her memorial service)
Game'lange (performance video)
Memorium page

LINK TO list of "Elaine Barkin Musical Compositions and Papers" archived by UCLA Library Special Collections (31 boxes, plus records, discs, tape). (The archive list page has a link to request items, which most likely requires a visit to UCLA, but check it out.)
Berlin: A Memoir
09/56 - 09/57
A Year Abroad
by Elaine Radoff Barkin
Click the book cover to download a PDF copy.



Please click once right in the middle of the slideshow to view photos in full size:

Hubcap Art
by Elaine Radoff Barkin

My mother asked me to post this photo essay of her hubcap art. I'm proud and glad to share these photos of mom's creative output!


All hubcap art depicted herein is original artwork by Elaine Radoff Barkin. (Mom took the photos too, and adds: "Thanks to Wanda Bryant, who formatted the photos with InDesign software.")

Elaine "Ray" Radoff Barkin - A Symposium in Memoriam
Dec. 15, 1932 - Feb. 22, 2023
A celebration and reflection of Elaine's life.
San Rafael CA / Zoom
Mar. 19, 2023
Written by Elaine Barkin
UCLA May 12, 1993


  • Sue C DeVale, harp
  • Gamelan Players: Michael Bakan, Elaine Barkin, Lindsay Clare, Wanda Bryant, Alice Hunt, Jay Keister, Grace M., David Martinelli
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